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Mr. Robot: Season 4

Oct. 06, 2019
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Mr. Robot was headed for the TV Hall of Fame no matter how last night’s finale turned out. In recent years there’s been increased debate surrounding the merits of a series’ ending. Specifically, how deeply it should affect its legacy. For some, a stuck landing is imperative, otherwise the journey is a waste. The real answer lies somewhere in the middle—as with most things, the issue is hardly as binary as most people want to make it. It’s more nuanced, and each series brings a different context.

For, say, Dexter, a show that put up maybe two, three great seasons tops out of eight and kept viewers tuned in largely out of Stockholm Syndrome, a bricked finale is just a final slap in the face that ensures no one who suffered through will ever recommend it to their worst enemy. Something like Game of Thrones is trickier. Can you really totally write a series that gave us elite, unprecedented television like Seasons 1-4 off just because they didn’t “nail” the ending?

I digress: Mr. Robot, which concludes a four-year run on USA this week, has been arguably the most underrated show on television for at least three of those seasons. Under the increasingly audacious eye of creator Sam Esmail, who has directed every episode since Season 2, it’s long been the best directed show on television. Additionally, at times, it’s also been the most thrilling, most tightly plotted, and during stretches of creative indulgence when the big swings weren’t quite connecting, at least the boldest.

One such stretch is where Robot definitively went from buzzworthy thriller to a heady character study mass audiences deemed too challenging to keep up with. In Season 1 the series represented a bold departure for USA from procedural popcorn fare to prestige big leagues.

Rami Malek scored a surprise Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Emmy win for his portrayal of Elliot Alderson, an idealistic yet deeply disturbed Dark Web hacker battling both Dissociative Identity Disorder and the faceless One Percenters who mercilessly manipulate society. Elliot’s disorder was confirmed, long after the internet guessed it, with a Fight Club-style reveal: the patriarchal freedom fighter hacker Mr. Robot (played by a thoroughly reinvigorated Christian Slater), was but a vision of Elliot’s dead father, who succumbed to cancer in Elliot’s childhood at the neglectful hands of the very company Elliot was fueling all of his anti-system rage at.

Download Mr. Robot: Season 4 Full Series HDTV 780p Mp4 Download

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